48 Hours in New York City Solo – Vol. 1

One of the hardest things about visiting a city you’ve never been to before is deciding what sights to see.  This is especially true if you have limited time to spare.  Interestingly, I find that solo travel affords me more freedom to get off of the beaten path and discover places beyond the typical tourist traps, the type of places which are the fabric of a city but which many travelers don’t visit.  I’ve started a new blog series called 48 Hours in New York City Solo to help you take the guesswork out of how to spend a short amount of time in one of the world’s greatest towns.  Pack your bag and let’s get going!



Day 1 – 48 Hours in New York City Solo



Central Park is the crowning jewel of New York City with its Strawberry Fields, Great Lawn, and Bow Bridge  You should take your time meandering through this man-made wonder but also make sure to check out the often-overlooked Conservatory GardensThis my favorite part of Central Park with its three Continue reading

Aziz Ansari: Why Muddying #MeToo Dilutes Its Power

I read the New York Times article as well as the “babe” post about Aziz Ansari and the #metoo comparison. The young woman, “Grace,” was clearly star-struck meeting Aziz when she accepted his invitation for a date.  She willingly engaged in sexual activity with him, was less than impressed by his moves and disappointed by his attitude.


All that said, “Grace” had every opportunity to pick herself up and walk out of Aziz’s apartment. Instead, she stayed with him longer and longer, sending mixed signals as she played a game of cat and mouse.  “Grace” hoped that Aziz Ansari would eventually live up to the image of him which she created in her head.


There is an old saying that you should never meet your heroes.



Ultimately, “Grace” felt that Aziz was just another Continue reading

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48 Hours in Chicago Alone – Vol. 3

I’m excited to share the latest installment of my new blog series, 48 Hours in Chicago Alone which offers my picks for having a fun and diverse experience in The Windy City when you only have two days to explore on your own.  Don’t be shy because the good people of Chitown are amiable and they are ready to show you a great time even when you are flying solo.  Let’s head out!



Day 1 – 48 Hours in Chicago Alone – Vol. 3



Start your time in Chicago alone by grabbing breakfast or lunch at Eleven City Diner in the South Loop.  At this old-school Jewish deli you will enjoy huge omelets, excellent bagels, lox and much more.  In fact, breakfast is available all day, in addition to the superb matzo ball soup and burgers.  Sit at the counter at order an ice cream sundae or malted milkshake while taking in the kitschy memorabilia.




Chicago alone Eleven City Diner

Eleven City Diner in Chicago’s South Loop



Once you’re fat and happy, walk over to Continue reading

48 Hours in Chicago Alone – Vol. 2

Happy Hump Day, Everyone!  I hope you are all settling into the new year well and you are contemplating some exciting travel plans for 2018.  Today, I would like to spread some Wednesday Wisdom about spending 48 Hours in Chicago Alone.  This is my second installment in this new blog series about solo travel in Chicago and I am excited to help you take the guesswork out how to spend just two days in The Windy City.  I know that sometimes you are only in town by yourself for a quick business trip or getaway so grab your bag, your sense of adventure and let’s head out!


48 Hours in Chicago skyline

Day 1 – 48 Hours in Chicago Alone – Vol. 2


Lou Mitchell’s is the historic diner that has been serving up comforting breakfasts and lunches since 1923.  It’s located slightly west of Continue reading

48 Hours in Chicago Alone – Vol. 1

I’ve been calling Chicago my home for the last twelve years and I’ve written a considerable amount about it here on the blog.  So I thought it would be convenient to begin a series of articles with suggestions for spending only a couple of days here.  After all, big cities can be overwhelming with only two days to spare and you might not know where to begin.  That said, below is the first contribution to my new series entitled “48 Hours in Chicago Alone.”  I hope the solo travelers out there find my short itineraries useful because Chicago is a very friendly town with a Midwestern charm. You’ll feel right at home.



Chicago skyline 48 Hours Alone in Chicago

Chicago skyline



Day 1


Whether you arrive in Chicago by train, plane or automobile, you should Continue reading