What The 10 Best Chicago Movie Theaters Offer

There is a myriad of Chicago movie theaters where you can spend some quality time alone or just hide from life’s annoyances.  Winter may be upon us but that doesn’t mean you need to hibernate.  Why not treat yourself to some solo movie dates when your friends and family are refusing to leave the comfort of their sofas?  I am always shocked when I hear people say that they wouldn’t go to a movie alone.  Aside from the excuse that going to the movies solo may not be as much fun without a friend, the biggest excuse I hear from folks is that they feel self-conscious about being there alone.  They think they are being judged.  Not me.  I love movies too much to miss out on a great film just because there is no one to join me.  In fact, I enjoy sitting in the dark with a bunch of strangers who are happy to open their mouths ONLY to fill them with popcorn and junk food.  It’s a great relief to get lost in whatever appears on the silver screen for a couple of hours.   Below is my roundup of What the 10 Best Chicago Movie Theaters Offer.  Lights!  Camera!  Action!



Music Box Theater


The Music Box is one of the most legendary Chicago movie theaters around and it’s located in the Lakeview neighborhood near Wrigley Field.  It dates back to 1929 and the Great Depression.  Although the Music Box has undergone some renovations over the years, it Continue reading

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7 Fun Things to Do in Chicago During the Holidays

If you’re lucky enough to be spending time in Chicago this month, there is plenty to entertain you all over this fabulous city.  I’ve taken the guesswork out of enjoying the Midwest’s premier winter wonderland with my picks for 7 Fun Things to do in Chicago During the Holidays.  Don’t worry if you are flying solo, Chicagoans are very friendly and we will make you feel welcome and like one of the crowd!


Christkindlmarket – Daley Plaza



Chicago during the holidays

Get some holiday shopping done at Chriskindlmarket in Chicago



This 22nd annual holiday event takes place at Daley Plaza in the heart of The Loop.  Stroll along with a hot chocolate or hot cider in one hand and a Bavarian pretzel in the other while you get your last minute shopping done.  The Christkindlmarket is open Continue reading

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6 Packing Hacks that Will Reduce Travel Stress

Packing hacks are a hot topic and a source of great concern for many people these days.  Whether you are a solo traveler or globetrotting with a companion, most people are looking for ways to be more efficient with their luggage.  Who doesn’t want to lighten their physical and mental load on the road?  Below are my 6 Packing Hacks that Will Reduce Travel Stress for you.


Clothing Packing Hacks

Don’t overpack clothes and shoes.  In my experience, people tend to Continue reading

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How You Can Stay Safe Traveling Solo

One thing I learned after more than twenty years of globetrotting, is how to stay safe traveling solo.  I am happy to share my tips for guarding your travel documents, valuables, your personal identity and your life while you are away from home.  Of course, solo travelers are not the only ones who can benefit from these practices.  Therefore, I recommend you share them with family members or friends with whom you may be traveling.


Share your itinerary with the right people by e-mail

Share your flight, hotel and travel itinerary with two family members or close friends by e-mail or in person.  Include hotel(s) phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  


Stay safe traveling solo suitcase


Protect your passport

When traveling abroad, your passport is the number one thing that will keep you safe traveling solo.  Here’s how to guard it with your life. Continue reading

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Dining Out Alone

If you have a fear or anxiety about dining out alone, it is way more common than you may think.   In my last blog post, I discussed the 7 Reasons Solo Travel is Good for You and, well, dining out alone counts as a mini form of solo travel, even if you are staying close to home.  Below are my tips for overcoming your fear of dining solo whether you are staying local or traveling.


Bring some body armor.


People tell me all the time that they would never have a meal alone because Continue reading

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