Recap of the Tax March in Chicago

The Tax March took place in over 150 cities in the U.S. (and some cities abroad) with hundreds of thousands turning out to demand that Donald Trump shows us his tax returns.



Tax March Chicago




Tax March Chicago Daley Plaza

Beautiful day for a peaceful protest!



I attended the Tax March in Chicago which began with Continue reading

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5 Awesome Reasons You Need to Visit Chess Records

I am a serious music lover.  More specifically, I adore the blues and rock ‘n roll.  Etta James is my favorite singer of all time.  By a stroke of good luck, I live just five blocks from Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago. However, I have a serious confession.  I also live eight blocks from the historic Chess Records Studios but had not toured it until last week. This fact seems unbelievable, but I have, finally, righted that wrong. Today, I am happy to share my experience with you.  Below is the rockin’ good news about Chess Records:





Chess Records was formed and run by Continue reading

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Women’s March: The Amazing Day the World Dissed Trump

In case you missed it, the Women’s March took place on Saturday.  History was made as millions of people, across all 7 continents, joined together to throw global shade at Donald Trump.  It was an epic “fuck you,” the likes of which we may never see again.


Many people took the position that they were marching more in support of a particular issue(s) rather than against Donald Trump but let’s not bury the lead here.  Millions of people around the globe (that’s planet Earth!) mobilized in response to the divisive, hateful and ignorant rhetoric of one man.  







Women's March




How the Women’s March started


One Hawaiian woman posted her idea on Facebook to march against Continue reading

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I Saw These 10 Awesome Concerts Alone This Year

I hear it all the time.  “I would never go to concerts alone,” people say.  Some of you may be afraid to roll into a concert venue by yourself because you think it’s pathetic and everyone is judging you.   Get over it!  No one of any real substance cares that you are attending concerts alone.  It’s all in your head.  Moreover, there are fun, unexpected encounters you may have by flying solo at a show.  I saw these 10 awesome concerts alone this year and I had a blast… Continue reading

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Cheap Chicago Things You Should Enjoy This Summer

The “dog days” of summer are upon us here in the U.S.  Whether or not you have a lot of money to spend on fun, I’ve got a list of some cheap Chicago things you should enjoy before summer ends.  Guess what?  You can participate in some of these events and attractions for FREE!

I thought that would get your attention.  Ready? Continue reading

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