What The 10 Best Chicago Movie Theaters Offer

There is a myriad of Chicago movie theaters where you can spend some quality time alone or just hide from life’s annoyances.  Winter may be upon us but that doesn’t mean you need to hibernate.  Why not treat yourself to some solo movie dates when your friends and family are refusing to leave the comfort of their sofas?  I am always shocked when I hear people say that they wouldn’t go to a movie alone.  Aside from the excuse that going to the movies solo may not be as much fun without a friend, the biggest excuse I hear from folks is that they feel self-conscious about being there alone.  They think they are being judged.  Not me.  I love movies too much to miss out on a great film just because there is no one to join me.  In fact, I enjoy sitting in the dark with a bunch of strangers who are happy to open their mouths ONLY to fill them with popcorn and junk food.  It’s a great relief to get lost in whatever appears on the silver screen for a couple of hours.   Below is my roundup of What the 10 Best Chicago Movie Theaters Offer.  Lights!  Camera!  Action!



Music Box Theater


The Music Box is one of the most legendary Chicago movie theaters around and it’s located in the Lakeview neighborhood near Wrigley Field.  It dates back to 1929 and the Great Depression.  Although the Music Box has undergone some renovations over the years, it

retains its original architecture which, on the inside, evokes a feeling of an Italian piazza.  Come here to enjoy independent, foreign, cult,  and classic films throughout the year.  Kick back and have a cocktail in the lounge & garden.  There are several special events and film premieres that take place in this Chicago institution.



Chicago movie theaters Chicago during the holidays

Photo credit: Music Box Theater


FUN FACT:  Legend has it that the Music Box Theater is haunted and protected by the ghost of “Whitey” who managed the theater from 1929 – 1977 when he died.  AWESOME!


3373 N. Southport Ave.



Logan Theater



Chicago movie theaters Logan Theater in Logan Square

Photo credit: Logan Theater


The Logan Theater in the very cool Logan Square neighborhood holds its own among Chicago movie theaters.  it dates back to 1915.  While The Logan Theater shows a lot of classic, independent and art films, you can take in one of the current flicks out now.  What I love most about this 906-seat theater, is the full-service bar which has open-mic comedy on Mondays and Film Trivia Tuesdays.  


2646 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Landmark Century Centre Cinemas



Chicago movie theaters Landmark Century Centre Cinemas

Photo credit: Landmark Century Centre Cinemas


Of all the Chicago movie theaters, the Landmark Century Center Cinemas is the one I frequent the most to see art films.  Located inside a shopping mall on a busy intersection in Lakeview, this theater includes the new Century Bar which is a nice place to unwind and contemplate the film you just saw.


2828 N. Clark St.



Gene Siskel Film Center



Chicago movie theaters Gene Siskel

Photo credit: Gene Siskel Film Center


The late, great, Gene Siskel was Ameria’s iconic film critic and this movie theater named for him is adjacent to The School of the Art Institue of Chicago in The Loop.  The films shown at the Gene Siskel are carefully curated and you can enjoy lectures, panel discussions and film premieres here.


164 N. State St.


AMC Dine-In Theatres Block 37


Moviegoing has come a long way, baby!  Now, in the theaters all around the country, you can relax in huge recliners and eat a full-service meal while watching a film.  The AMC Dine-In Theaters Block 37 is no exception.  It’s located inside a sprawling mall on State St. in Chicago’s Loop.  You can purchase your tickets online in advance and choose your seat.  This experience is as close as you get to curling up on your own sofa!


108 N. State St.



AMC 600 North Michigan 9


Ride the long escalator upstairs to this newly renovated movie theater and enjoy a full dine-in service experience with your film.  When you’re finished, take a walk along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile for some stellar shopping.


600 N. Michigan Ave. (enter on Rush St.)


AMC River East 21


AMC River East 21 is one of the Chicago movie theaters that offer a full-day experience.  Some of the theaters inside are a bit older but there are other things to entertain you before and after the movie of your choice.  For instance, you can go bowling or play arcade games inside the same building!  Now that is a full day of fun during the cold, gloomy winter even if you’re flying solo!


322 E. Illinois St.


Kerasotes Chicago Showplace Icon



Chicago movie theaters Kerastotes Icon Showplace

Photo credit: Kerasotes Icon Showplace South Loop


I love the Showplace Icon theater because it is located in the South Loop neighborhood where I live.  If you are near Grant Park or Museum Campus, this theater is close by in an apartment complex/mall with a few different restaurants.   The theater itself has a full-service restaurant/bar in the common area.  Take some time to ogle all of the movie memorabilia and artwork on the walls.  They are impressive!


1011 S. Delano Ct. inside the Roosevelt Collection Shops


Davis Theater



Chicago movie theaters Davis Theater

Photo credit: Davis Theater


The Davis Theater (originally the Pershing Theater) is an architectural stalwart in the Lincoln Square neighborhood on the north side.  It is one of the Chicago movie theaters that dates back to the early 1900s (1918).  After a recent renovation in 2016, this budget movie theater is still going strong with a new facelift.

The Davis Theater has special weekly events such as trivia games, Drag Bingo and Saturday morning cartoons and brunch.


4614 N. Lincoln Ave.


Archlight Theater



Chicago movie theaters Arclight Cinemas

Photo credit: Arclight Cinemas


The Archlight Theater is one of the newest Chicago movie theaters in town.  It is located in Old Town and features first-run films.  You can order your tickets online.  There is a cafe/bar to enjoy.


1500 N. Clybourn.


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Don’t hibernate this winter!  Get out on your and enjoy some great movie experiences on your own.



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