6 Packing Hacks that Will Reduce Travel Stress

Packing hacks are a hot topic and a source of great concern for many people these days.  Whether you are a solo traveler or globetrotting with a companion, most people are looking for ways to be more efficient with their luggage.  Who doesn’t want to lighten their physical and mental load on the road?  Below are my 6 Packing Hacks that Will Reduce Travel Stress for you.


Clothing Packing Hacks

Don’t overpack clothes and shoes.  In my experience, people tend to

wear the same clothes more than once because they favor the look and comfort of them.  You know it’s true!

Bring clothes you can mix-and-match.  For instance, in one regulation size carry-on for a plane’s overhead (dimensions vary by airline but approximately 22 inches in length, 9 inches depth, 14 inches width), pack three pairs of pants, three tops, and one dress and you’ll have ten outfits. That will more than cover a one week vacation.  If you pack a skirt instead of a dress, you will have twelve outfits.


Packing hacks Stay safe traveling solo suitcase


The increased space in your luggage will allow you to pack a few extra undergarments and socks which I highly recommend.  You might be out all day long and wish to freshen up before the evening’s events 😉


Packing hacks that will reduce stress clothing

Mix and match clothes to optimize outfits and avoid overpacking.


If you are flying, your carry-on bag should include any clothes or other items you need or would miss terribly, if your checked baggage gets lost or delayed en route to your final destination,  For example, I like packing one or two changes of underwear, socks, and sleepwear so that I know I am set for a couple of days.


Shoe Packing Hacks

Shoes, for women more than men, seem to pose the biggest challenge and travel stress when packing luggage.

Bring no more than 3 pairs of your most comfortable shoes.  Wear the bulkiest shoes on the plane.  Pack the other two. Choose shoe colors that will go with everything e.g. black and beige (or taupe).  

In the winter, I like to wear dress boots with good traction on the plane because they are both stylish and functional for the cold weather elements.

In the warmer weather, my plane or travel footwear includes sneakers or a comfortable walking shoe with good support.


Toiletry and Medication Packing Hacks

Pack all necessary medications and liquid items (this includes liquid makeup) you will need for your comfort.  Make sure that each of your carry-on liquids is no more than 3 oz. and that they ALL fit into one quart-sized, resealable baggie.  


Packing hacks that will reduce stress toiletries and medication

A quart size, resealable bag is all you are allowed for liquids

All other non-essential items should be packed into your checked luggage (if you have one) or left behind at home.  Don’t stress!  Assuming you are not going off the grid completely, you can find most non-essential toiletry products at your travel destination.  They may not be your favorite brands, but they should get the job done just fine.

When I am on a plane, I always have eye drops to handle dryness and redness.  Other must-have carry-on bag items include hand sanitizer and hand lotion.  A small package of moist towelettes is great to have on hand for your face, especially before you land at your destination.


Device Packing Hacks

Leave your hairdryer and curling irons at home if possible. because they are bulky and heavy.  You can always call ahead to your hotel or other accommodation (or send an e-mail message) and ask if they supply those items.   

Carry on the chargers for your phone and other electronic devices (camera, laptop, etc.), and adapters for foreign countries.  If your checked luggage gets lost or delayed, you’ll have peace of mind that these items are ready and available to you.


Packing hacks that will reduce stress technology devices

Don’t forget the chargers and adapters for your devices! 

Choose carry-on luggage with at least one shallow, outside pocket because it is great for storing your chargers and adapters.  The shallow pocket ensures you won’t have to go digging deep inside your luggage for those items when you’re in the airport where they may be needed.


Snacks and Travel Comfort Packing Hacks

Wear a blazer, sweater or jacket on the plane that matches back to the outfits you packed.

Pack one or more decorative scarves that can complement your packed outfits and which can also be worn on the plane.  Planes can be quite chilly at times.  Keep one scarf handy in your carry-on or smaller personal item.  A deep, outside pocket on your carry-on bag is great for stuffing your scarves and a magazine.


Packing hacks that will reduce stress clothing

A neutral blazer and scarf are great for a chilly plane.


Carry on a few energy bars, trail mix or other snacks for your plane ride or your waits at airports.  Aside from the fact that airplane food is terrible, delays on the runaway can cause delays in food service on the plane.  No one likes a cranky passenger 😉


Packing hacks that will reduce stress snacks

Great if the airplane food awful or your flight is delayed.


You can reduce your stress even further if you pack a medium-sized umbrella in your carry-on bag.  Even if your checked luggage is lost, you can stroll out of the airport in the rain without a worry, especially if you are heading to a meeting.


Packing hacks that will reduce stress umbrella

Keep your umbrella handy in your carry-on bag or day bag.

Be sure to pack tissues and dental floss in your carry-on bag.  I don’t like to bother brushing my teeth on planes because it’s too cumbersome and plane bathrooms are gross.  Floss is easier.  


Currency Packing Hacks

Buy some local currency for the countries you are visiting.  You can do this in the airports.  I recommend that you have at least USD $50-$100 worth of local currency to pay for taxis, tips and other small purchases where credit cards may not be accepted.  

In addition, always travel with a VISA or MASTERCARD, as well as an AMERICAN EXPRESS card. There are many restaurants, retailers and other establishments around the world which do not accept AMERICAN EXPRESS.   

If you decide to bring traveler’s checks, get those before you leave on your trip.  Just remember to follow the safety precautions for the traveler’s checks.

There you have them, folks!  My 6 Packing Hacks that Will Reduce Travel Stress.  I hope you find them helpful. Now, get out there and have a great trip!

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