Recap of the Tax March in Chicago

The Tax March took place in over 150 cities in the U.S. (and some cities abroad) with hundreds of thousands turning out to demand that Donald Trump shows us his tax returns.



Tax March Chicago




Tax March Chicago Daley Plaza

Beautiful day for a peaceful protest!



I attended the Tax March in Chicago which began with

a rally downtown in Daley Plaza, followed by a march through the street up toward Trump Tower along the Chicago River.




Tax March Chicago Donald Trump



The Tax March was intentionally planned for April 15th which is the official day U.S. citizens must file their tax returns with the federal, state and local governments.  The event was conceived on Facebook, as was the historic Women’s March in January of this year.  It was another in a long line of protests against of the Trump administration’s lack of transparency, elitism, cronyism, bigotry, misogyny and climate change denials.




Tax March Rev. Jesse Jackson

Rev. Jesse Jackson representing at the Tax March in Chicago


Why are taxpayers so upset?



Tax March Chicago protest signs



During the Presidential campaign, Donald Trump bragged about how he hadn’t paid any federal taxes in years, how he knew how to work the system and that no one knew the system better than him.  He claimed that he could not disclose his tax returns for the last decade or more because he was under an IRS audit.   He made this claim despite the fact that every other Presidential candidate before him, dating back to the 1970s, has disclosed their tax returns as a gesture of transparency to the American constituency.




Tax March Chicago Donald Trump

‘Nuf said!



No law requires Presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns. However, it has become the norm to do so, to show that the candidate has no conflicts of interest and that they have a history of giving to charities.




Tax March Daley Plaza Chicago

Daley Plaza – Chicago



After the IRS had made a public statement debunking Donald Trump’s claim that he could not reveal his taxes because of an ongoing audit, Trump backtracked and said that his lawyers advised him not to disclose them.  However, he promised more than once during the campaign and at rallies that he would do so.  Now, almost one hundred days have passed since Trump took office and the American people are still waiting!




Tax March Donald Trump

Chicken Don!



Needless to say, American voters are outraged by Donald Trump’s brazen disregard for the sanctity of the Office of the Presidency and the trust that our citizens put in it.  The Toddler-in-Chief is standing with heels dug in and with hands on his hips just as a child who doesn’t want to eat their supper or go to bed when they should!  So, it is no wonder that the people of this country took to the streets across state lines and partisan lines to demonstrate their disapproval and utter outrage.




Tax March Chicago



There is no doubt that the U.S. is a deeply divided country, but people respond to money issues in angry ways.  No one ever wants to feel like they play by the rules only to have others, especially those in power, flagrantly thwart those same rules so that they can win by more.  Greed is never good!




Tax March protesters



As far as I have seen and heard none of the protesters attending a Tax March showed up with pitchforks.  These were peaceful protests attended by honest and concerned citizens who want to see Donald Trump’s tax returns for several reasons.



Ready?  Here are our list of grievances.




Tax March Chicago



First and foremost, Americans want to know exactly how much Mr. Trump has avoided paying, even if that figure is withing the legal limits of our convoluted tax code.  A braggart billionaire who doesn’t pay his fair share is already considered suspect among millions of honest taxpayers.  Trump, ever the privileged frat boy, has been throwing his ability to circumvent paying his fair share back to our country in our collective faces!




Tax March Daley Plaza



Americans want to see Trump’s tax returns to make sure he does not have any conflicts of interests with domestic or international businesses or governments.  Such conflicts would violate the Emoluments Clause of our U.S. Constitution.  The founding fathers were smart enough to have the forethought to make sure our President was not beholden to special interest groups and foreign governments.




Tax March Daley Plaza



Also, the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution is supposed to prevent the President from making decisions on behalf of the country in ways that enrich himself and his businesses.  Mr. Trump has refused to divest himself from his many domestic and international companies around the globe which have suspicious ties to enemies of the U.S. including Russia.  Stay tuned for the latest on this ongoing drama as it unfolds in front of the world!  Everyone is watcing.




Tax March Chicago



Many Americans are furious that Trump is flaunting his personal properties like his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida and his Trump Tower in New York City.  No other U.S. President has spent so much time away from the White House in his first one hundred days in office.  The cost to fuel up Air Force One for Trump and his staff, as well as the cost to send a second plane to New York to collect Melania Trump and fly her to Mar-a-Lago and back, is costing taxpayers millions of dollars a day.




Tax March Chicago protest signs



Business owners in West Palm Beach, Florida see a drastic decline in profits and some have even closed shop since Donald Trump has claimed Mar-a-Lago his de facto “Southern White House” and the “Winter White House.”  


The local government in West Palm Beach is stretched to its limits in terms of providing security which includes the Coast Guard, and they have not been reimbursed by the federal government yet.





Tax March Chicago Trump Tower

The Tax March to Trump Tower in Chicago


In Manhattan, Melania Trump stays hold up in Trump Tower like Rapunzel.  She claims that she wanted to remain in New York with her son, Baron until the school year has finished.  Some voters feel empathy for Melania and Baron; however, I do not.  Melania is now a public servant vs. a private citizen.  There are sacrifices that every first family must make when they take over the White House.  I believe this First Lady needs to have her bony ass removed from Trump Tower immediately so that the hard working taxpayers do not have to pay for added security for these rich brats as they tie up traffic in New York.


Then, there are the Donald Jr. and Eric Trump who are taking full advantage of their daddy’s position in the White House as they traverse the globe doing deals that look to enrich the President’s own pockets.



If you’re not angry yet, then you are not paying attention!



You might have heard that Donald Trump sent out a Tweet questioning who might have paid for these “small protests” around the country.  Ah, that would be no one, Donald!  The people hit the streets of this country all on their own.  They paid for transportation to get to a Tax March near their home. They paid for the art supplies to make truly creative, honest signs that spoke to their outrage and they gave up several hours of their time over a holiday weekend to exercise their civil rights and civic duties.


Civics, Donald.  Look it up!


Oh, and watch out for those pitchforks!



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