Women’s March: The Amazing Day the World Dissed Trump

In case you missed it, the Women’s March took place on Saturday.  History was made as millions of people, across all 7 continents, joined together to throw global shade at Donald Trump.  It was an epic “fuck you,” the likes of which we may never see again.


Many people took the position that they were marching more in support of a particular issue(s) rather than against Donald Trump but let’s not bury the lead here.  Millions of people around the globe (that’s planet Earth!) mobilized in response to the divisive, hateful and ignorant rhetoric of one man.  







Women's March




How the Women’s March started


One Hawaiian woman posted her idea on Facebook to march against

everything our new Predator-in-Chief, Liar-in-Chief, Toddler-in-Chief stands for.  Americans and citizens in other countries replied with a collective “Count me in!”  They decided to get up off of their couches and leave their homes on the same day (in different time zones) to march in solidarity.  It was a shared display of strength and conviction against an ignorant man and his evil agenda.  Wow!




Women's March Chicago Grant Park bigotry sign



Women's March Chicago pink pussy hats



While this incredible and historic day of peaceful protest and resistance began in the United States, I doubt whether its Hawaiian initiator could have anticipated that cities all over the world would turn out to have our backs!




Women's March Chicago the light poster




Women's March Chicago nasty woman




What were some of the issues people championed at the Women’s March?



People showed up to voice their anger and concern over the Trump administration’s damaging agenda concerning women’s reproductive rights, healthcare, immigration, climate change, domestic violence, gun laws, voter suppression activities and much more.




Women's March Chicago peace protest sign



Women's March Chicago Climate Change



The protest signs people carried and the garb they wore said it all.  People are mad as hell and they are not going to back down while The Divider-in-Chief pushes his hateful agenda with the help of a “Swamp Cabinet” filled with out-of-touch, woefully unqualified, self-dealing billionaires!




Women's March Chicago Lego Your Ego We are the storm



Women's March Chicago Trump protest



Women's March Chicago Donald Trump



Women's March Chicago Grant Park skyline grab my own pussy




What were the demographics of the protesters at the Women’s March?



A metaphorical Crayola crayon box of people attended these marches.  People of every shade, religion and gender-identity showed up in Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Alaska, Antarctica, London, Paris, Germany and elsewhere.  They showed up as women and for women. Husbands, brothers, fathers and uncles were there.  Generations of women within families came out together to make sure that the decades of social and civil justice that has been achieved in the U.S. does not get destroyed.




Women's March Chicago main stage



Women's March Chicago Donald Trump and Putin



Women's March Chicago Melania Trump



Women's March Chicago protester signs




Victims of racial inequality, gun violence, sexual violence and abuse, LGBTQ abuse and unfair immigration laws came out to tell their very personal stories and to seek support for better legislation.  They were there to educate their neighbors about local programs that exist to help them out.  There were smiles, tears, hugs, strength and determination in these massive crowds.



Women's March Chicago




Scenes from the Women’s March in Chicago


I attended the march in Chicago because I live here.  I got up early and walked over to Grant Park by myself but I was certainly not alone that day!  The night before the march, approximately 50,000 people were registered for this Women’s March but on the morning of the march that number reached 60,000.  By the time the rally began, over 150,000 people were there, rendering the march cancelled due to the crowd.  Instead, the day turned into an extended rally with speeches and songs from the cast members of Hamilton, Senator Tammy Duckworth, Haydiya Pendleton’s mother, youth organizers and many other local groups. 



In the end, over 250,000 people attended the Chicago Women’s March!




Women's March Chicago



Women's March Chicago




Women's March Chicago Grant Park

The music was awesome!



Women's March Chicago




Why the Women’s March was an important day in HUMAN history


  • Social media helped spread the beautiful, unifying message of one woman in Hawaii.


  • People spent money to fill their gas tanks, board trains, buses and planes to travel to cities around the world to have their voices heard.


  • People spent money on hotels, motels and Airbnb accommodations to attend the Women’s March.


  • Some people took days off from work and lost wages to attend a Women’s March.


  • We may never see another day when an entire planet united to voice their concerns over the ignorant and dangerous agenda of one person in power an his outrageous cabinet of sychopants.  



Women's March Chicago Grant Park




What is the takeaway from the Women’s March of 2017?


  • Words matter.  Hateful, dark, misogynistic rhetoric will NOT be tolerated.


  • Actions matter.  There is strength in numbers.  Citizens emboldened and united can triumph over hate and oppression.


  • Size matters.  The stunning images of the massive crowds that gathered in unison around the globe on January 21, 2017 cast a jaw-dropping shadow over the puny crowd which showed up the previous day at Donald Trump’s inauguration.  Since we all know how important size is to the Predator-in-Chief, this glaring fact is worth mentioning and sharing, until his head explodes!



Women's March Chicago

We will not turn back the clock on women’s rights and human rights!

Donald Trump continues to boast about the movement HE inspired.  However, his words and actions galvanized a historic, global movement AGAINST him!  The planet turned out to give Donald Trump the collective finger! 

Check out my Instagram feed for more photos from the Chicago Women’s March!

Did you attend a women’s march?  Which one?  I would love to compare notes!

Check out my post on the Tax March in Chicago.  It’s been quite the year for protests in the U.S.A.


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