Who Goes to a Comedy Club Alone?


Would you go to a comedy club alone?  No?  Up until 2 days ago, I never considered it.  But, I desperately needed a good laugh and to get “out of my head.”  It seemed silly to forego such an outing simply because friends were unavailable to join me that day.  After all, how different could it be from going to a movie, the theatre or a concert alone?  I decided to find out.


comedy club solo


comedy club alone


I do not frequent comedy clubs nearly as often as I did years ago.  Of course, it was an activity I enjoyed with a group of friends.  Nevertheless, lately, I’ve been thinking that I need to put this back in my recreational repertoire  So I hopped on-line to see what the local comedy clubs had scheduled for this week.  Chicago has a long and storied history of amazing comedians and an assortment of stand-up sets and improv shows (Zanies, Second City, etc).  It did not take long before I noticed that Laugh Factory in Lakeview was featuring a unique show entitled “The Social Takeover.”  Here’s how it works:

The 4 comedians who took the stage to do individual sets earlier in the evening return to the stage together to “take over” the Facebook pages of willing audience members.  Those Facebook pages are projected onto a large screen, so the audience can watch what ensues. Then, the comedians create hilarious posts and send messages to the participant’s Facebook friends.  

The Social Takeover at Laugh Factory

Nothing good could come from this!

On the night I attended this show, the 2 willing audience members just happened to be recent high school graduates.  You can imagine how much material the comedians had to work with, as kids that age overshare every detail of their lives!  HOLY SHIT!  This was fun.  I spent the next hour wiping away tears of laughter and most of the make-up which ran down my face.  These comedians worked with lightening speed at creating jaw-dropping havoc in real-time.


The bit that makes this Social Takeover so funny is the audience participant sits behind the screen which displays their Facebook page.  So, they are unable to see everything happening such as the replies received from their Facebook friends ( or soon-to-be “EX-FRIENDS”) about all of the strange, rude and outlandish things “he/she” has posted.

The comedians and the audience (myself included) had such a great time.  Those shell-shocked participants had fun, too.  Although I could see occasional moments of fear and regret in their young faces.  They were probably wondering how they would explain all of this to the Facebook friends they offended (HA!).  Of course, at the end of each “takeover” the comedians put up a final post to the participants’ pages with the Laugh Factory Logo and a picture of them all together advising that it was all a joke.  I am only sorry that I don’t get to know how much trouble it really caused for them when the sun came up the following morning 😉

Laugh Factory comedy club alone


I am so happy that I did not miss out on this HILARIOUS show.  I had a great time.  There was nothing uncomfortable about going alone.  I certainly did not laugh any less than I would have, if I had gone with friends.  I chatted with some friendly people on line while waiting to get into the club.  And, I had a nice talk with a couple of the comedians who performed that night.

The only thing that happened which I find mildly annoying was that the Laugh Factory employee who escorted the patrons to their seats wanted me to sit in a place with an obstructed view of the stage.  This sort of thing happens on occasion in restaurants, too.  Sometimes, venues don’t like the sight of a solo person in clear view of the rest of the restaurant or venue. How rude!  Other times, they presume that since you are “flying solo” that you would prefer to be seated in the shadows.  Ridiculous! Regardless, of the scenario, remember that “No one puts Baby in a corner.”  Do not be afraid to speak up and ask for the best possible table.  I did just that and sat second row center that night 🙂

So, tell me.  Would you go to a comedy club alone?





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